Computational Genomics Education and Training

Ph.D. Programs

Students interested in Ph.D. studies at Hopkins in genomics, computational biology, and related topics have a number of choices. While we do not have a Ph.D. program specifically in Bioinformatics or Genomics, our faculty supervise Ph.D. research in both these areas through a number of different graduate programs. Links to these programs can be found below, and potential students are encouraged to apply to the Ph.D. program that best matches their interests.


JHU/JHMI Genomics Courses

Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Term Title Course Number Instructor
1st Perl For Bioinformatics SPH 140.636.01

Fernando Pineda

1st Statistical Computing SPH 140.776.01

Roger D. Peng

1st Computer Science for Bioinformatics SPH 140.636.01

Fernando Pineda

1st Statistics and Data Analysis Using R ME:510.707

Leslie Cope, Elana Fertig, Luigi Marchionni, and Robert Scharpf

1st Selected Topics in Computational Genomics EN.601.850

Benjamin Langmead

  Frontiers of Sequencing Data Analysis EN.601.750

Benjamin Langmead

Fall Computational Genomics: Sequences 601.447 / 601.647

Benjamin Langmead

Spring Introduction to Computational Genetics ME:710.737

Dan Eytan Arking

Fall Advanced Topics in Genomic Data Analysis EN.601.751 Alexis Battle
Spring Computational Genomics: Data Analysis  EN.601.448 Alexis Battle
Fall Advanced Topics in Genomic Data Analysis  EN.601.751 Alexis Battle
2nd Analysis of Biological Sequences SPH 140.638 Sarah Wheelan
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics ME:800.707 Sarah Wheelan
Spring Computational Genomics Methods ME:800.723 Sarah Wheelan
3rd & 4th quarters Statistics for Laboratory Scientists I & II SPH 140.615
SPH 140.616
Ingo Ruczinski
4th term Statistics for Genomics SPH 140.688 Jeff Leek
  Computational Personal Genomics EN.580.689 Steven Salzberg
4th Term Statistics for Genomics SPH 140.688.01 Ni Zhao
Spring Introduction to Genomic Research JHU 601.350 Steven Salzberg
1st Term Statistical Computing SPH 140.776.01 Kasper Daniel Hansen
1st Term Methods in Biostatistics I SPH 140.651
1st Term Methods in Biostatistics II SPH 140.652
Fall Introduction to Public Health and Biomedical Informatics ME:600.903 Harold P. Lehmann
Fall Computational Biology and Bioinformatics ME.800.707 (21870)
Fall Intro Algorithms EN.601.633 M. Dinitz
Spring Computational Genomics: Applied Comparative Genomics JHU 601.749 Michael Schatz
Spring Compilers & Interpreters JHU 601.328  Peter Froehlich
Fall Statistical Machine Learning EN.601.775 (Homewood) R. Arora
Spring Foundations of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics II JHU 601.488 / EN.580.688 Rachel Karchin
Fall Selected Topics in Programming Languages EN.601.826 S. Smith
Spring Fundamentals of Genome Informatics AS.020.355 James Taylor
Fall Randomized and Big Data Algorithms EN.601.634 V. Braverman
Genomes and Development 020.637
Fall Computational Genomics EN.600.639
Fall Practical Bioinformatics NIH FAES BIOF 429
Fall Bioinformatics for analysis of data generated by Next Generation Sequencing NIH FAES BIOF 521
Fall Computational Biology NIH FAES BIOF 537
Fall Computational Genomics EN.600.639