Short Courses and Workshops

Hopkins faculty, staff, fellows and graduate students, as well as those outside the Hopkins community, are encouraged to join.

Workshops are being scheduled for Fall 2014; please check the list below for dates and times.

To register for courses, please send an email to containing your name, interests and experience pertaining to the course(s) you are registering.

3 Sessions, MWF
April 8, 10, 12
1PM to 2PM
PreClinical Teaching Building (PCTB), 115 STILE classroom
Instructors: Rumen Kostadinov, Ph.D.

Cost: $30

The BAM/SAM format is widely used for storing sequencing data alignments to a reference genome. Samtools is a set of command-line utilities for manipulating BAM and SAM files.
In this course we will practice: Day 1: Basic samtools usage: viewing, sorting, merging, indexing, removing/marking PCR duplicates, flagstat/idxstats/stats Day 2: Basic samtools usage and visualization (continued). Quick dives into samtools source code and discussion of its algorithms and mechanics. Day 3: Advanced samtools usage: SeqLib C++ interface to samtools for custom tasks. The course will use small whole-genome, exome, DNA methylation, and RNA sequencing datasets for samtools practice.
To register, email:

Statistics and Data Analysis using R -Course: 510.707
10 sessions, on Wednesday and Friday mornings
10AM to Noon
PreClinical Teaching Building (PCTB), G18/19
Instructors: Leslie Cope, Luigi Marchionni, and Chenguang Wang
Requirements: Laptop
Cost: JHU SOM tuition (Fall Semester)

Statistics and Data Analysis Using R is a hands-on introduction to the R statistical software suite for biomedical scientists. It is assumed that the student is familiar with the plots and statistical summaries that are most commonly used in biomedical papers, but no formal background in statistics or programming is necessary. The primary objective is learning to use R, but the course also emphasizes the standards of practice that programmers and data analysts have implemented to ensure transparency, accuracy and accountability. Students are required to have a laptop.
Please Contact the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Registrar's office to Register.
To register, email: